How Is Trooz Different?

Women’s soccer cleats have always been a bit of a contradiction because they’re essentially scaled-down versions of men’s shoes. Despite the tremendous success and popularity of the women’s game, most female players have had to settle for poorly fitting, uncomfortable cleats – until now!

After years of extensive research and development, Trooz has created a cleat truly designed for the distinct shape and performance of a woman’s foot. Plus, since they’re made just for women, they’re incredibly comfortable and perform like no other. 
In fact, we believe Trooz are the most comfortable cleats ever made and the only ones worthy of the women’s game – so much so that we guarantee it. If Trooz are not the most comfortable cleats you’ve ever worn, return them for a full refund – no questions, no hassles.

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The Cleats Women Deserve

Let’s be real – cleats on the shelves today are not designed for the female athlete.That’s why we created Trooz.

Created Just for Women

Trooz has performed extensive research that confirms the shape, dimensions, and proportions of a woman’s foot are dramatically different from their male counterparts. Trooz has dedicated itself to creating the most comfortable and best in class, performance footwear designed specifically for the female competitive soccer player at all levels of play.

“Trooz’s women’s foot-shaped design provides comfort and diminished stress through push off in addition to stable footing in stance and while running and striking. As a former soccer player, physician and mother, I would like to see all youth and student athletes at a minimum in this shoe for optimal performance, protection and comfort.”

Amy Jo Ptaszek, M.D.
IBJI Glenview Wilmette
Chief, Foot and Ankle Division NorthShore University Hospital System
Senior Clinical Educator, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine

Foundation for Performance

Trooz’s outsole (base) is proportionately shaped to allow women’s feet and toes to perform naturally, while strategically placed lugs (cleats) provide maximum comfort, stability and traction on all competitive pitch surfaces.

“Trooz cleats are a must have in women’s soccer. This cleat is specifically made for women and optimizes the mechanics and performance of our bodies. Finally, a viable cleat option that emphasizes the anatomy of the female soccer player.”

Lindsey DeLorenze
Former Division 1 Soccer Player
Owner, Oak City United FC

Comfort and Longevity

Our innovative Trooztouch™ design (short lacing system and snug-fitting upper) provides incredible comfort, superior ball touch and exceptional durability. Call us crazy, but we think cleats should last longer than one season.

“Trooz have been great! I really like how my toes don’t feel crammed and they have felt great. Not the usual, breaking-in feeling of blisters or rubbing. Nothing. They are awesome! “I really appreciate that Trooz took the time to create a cleat with a female in mind. Our feet are different and deserve attention. Thank you.”

Lydia Vandenburg
Former Professional Soccer Player

A Classic Look with a Custom Fit

Trooz looks as good as they perform and feel. A variety of classic styles, designs and colors are sure to make you stand out on every play.

“It’s exciting that Trooz has created a cleat that fits women’s feet the way they should. Not only are Trooz more comfortable, I believe they would ultimately help prevent injury and allow girls to be on the pitch longer. I wish I had a pair during my career! ”

Kelsey Graham
Collegiate All-American Goalie
NCAA Woman-of-the-Year Finalist